Overlanding is all about the journey, but it's not just as simple as off-road touring. The advanced adventurers among us will opt for the more gnarly overlanding activities. Think long self-sufficient tours across the outback (Simpson Desert, anyone?), intense rock crawling and dramatic river crossings. It's fair to say there's not a one-size-fits-all - but that's half the fun.

Roof rack set-ups image

Roof rack set-ups

With a range of self-sufficient, adventurous activities comes a mountain of gear – a lot of which you won’t be able to fit inside your vehicle alone. Overlanding typically requires you to be completely independent; you can’t just pop over to the garage when you’re 300 miles deep into the outback. To store everything, we highly recommend getting your hands on a resilient roof rack set-up.

The Pioneer Platform is our top pick. Its lightweight, resilient design enables drivers to load their vehicles efficiently while maximising storage load capacity. Our latest designs additionally include multiple mounting channels, easy installation and an abundance of mountable accessories.

The Pioneer is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. You can find the perfect roof rack for your 4WD with our ‘Fit My Vehicle’ tool.

Overlanding roof rack accessories image

Overlanding roof rack accessories

Once your vehicle’s kitted out with a roof rack system, you’ll want to look into accessories to mount your gear. The good news is that we’ve got almost every accessory you can think of, all of which are compatible with the Pioneer Platform and a wide range of our other roof racks. But what do you need specifically for overlanding? We’ve narrowed down our top picks for your next adventure below.

Recovery track holders image

Recovery track holders

Let’s start with probably the most important accessory, MAXTRAX recovery track holders – aka your lifeline in a sticky situation. We’ve got two easy installation options to choose from.

If you’re seeking space then add the Pioneer Recovery Track Side Bracket (43159) to the top of your list. The mount allows you to store your MAXTRAX at a 75-degree angle, leaving plenty of space for the rest of your kit. If space isn’t an issue for you, check out the Pioneer Recovery Track Flat Bracket (43235).

Mechanical storage image

Mechanical storage

On the subject of sticky situations, it’s worth thinking about bringing equipment like a spare wheel and a high lift jack bracket with you. Like we said, overlanding is all about the drive itself, and if you’re tearing over rugged off-road terrain, you’ll need to be ready to deal with the somewhat inevitable consequences. But don’t stress, it’s all part and parcel of the overlanding fun – as long as you’re prepared.

Attach the Pioneer High Lifting Jack Holder (43219) to your 4WD and you’ll be able to mount your high lifting jack almost anywhere across your Pioneer system. Of course, you’ll need something to mount your wheel too. This is where our Spare Wheel Straps and Pioneer Eye Bolt Kits (43178) come in handy. Together, they make a resilient duo to store your 4WD tyres.

Light installation image

Light installation

Lights are an essential part of your overlanding gear. There’s no doubt the celestial system puts on a show in the outback, but unfortunately, it doesn’t do the whole job. Add your LEDs and spotlights – or even aerials and antennas – with the Folding Aerial Bracket (43196). Made from robust fabricated steel construction and with a large internal space for cables and hardware, you can relax knowing your gear is as well protected as it’s going to be on (or shall we say ‘off’) the road. If you’ve got lightbars on your list, slide the Stow It Light Bar Adapter into the Stow It Starter Kit on the front or side of your Pioneer.

Jerry can holders image

Jerry can holders

Water and fuel – the life sources for you and your 4WD. Pack plenty of both with our range of jerry can holders. For long trips, opt for the horizontal (43152) or vertical (43151) double can holder, or if you’re happy travelling light, the single options are just as dirt-proof.

Spades and shovels image

Spades and shovels

Imagine you’re in the outback, cruising down a remote beach or way up high in the mountains, and then your tyres get stuck. It’s times like these that you’ll thank us for our tough-as-nails shovel (43123) and spade (43124) – both compact, robust and ready to tackle your bogged tyres. Grab them from your roof rack in a matter of seconds with the Stow It Utility Holder, compatible with Rhino-Rack’s Pioneer Platforms, Vortex and Heavy Duty Cross Bars.

Make your life that extra bit easier with the Stow It Starter Kit. Offering quick and easy removal of side-mounted accessories and flexible storage on the road. The pack includes Stow It Base Brackets, the new Zwifloc nut and four Universal Adapters, ideal for mounting a range of Rhino-Rack accessories including the Sunseeker Awning and Stow It Utility Holder.

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