Sean Scott Photography is one of Australia's most well-known photographers. His highly accredited work is held in the homes and hearts of many Australians. Sean's photography is the result of a career built on amazing memories and the story behind each image is timeless.


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Sean Scott is a proud ambassador of Rhino-Rack. Having completely decked out both his 74 and 79 series with all Rhino-Rack gear, he is able to freely travel offroad and experience adventures all around Australia, all the while getting the best images of places he has visited!


79 Series:


- 52101 - All New Pioneer Platform (1528mm x 1376mm)

- Pioneer Accessory Bars

- RL Leg (x2)

- Pioneer Leg Height Spacer

- Quick Mount Vortex Spacer

- Recovery Track Bracket

- Gas Bottle Holder

- Rhino Shovel

- Tie Down 5m Strap


200 Series:


- 52101 - All New Pioneer Platform (1528mm x 1376mm)

- Quick Mount Leg (x4)

- RTS Tracks

- Quick Mount Heavy Duty Spacer

- Quick Mount Base Wedge

- Pioneer Worklight Bracket

- Pioneer LED Light Bracket

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