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From Adventure Seeker To Life Teacher - Jessica Turner

09 May 2024

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Jessica’s passion for the outdoors was sparked by her partner and has now been embraced by her daughter. Whether it’s annual family trips or impromptu weekend getaways, Jessica finds her joy in the tranquility of being outdoors.

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How do you Make Space For Adventure while being a mum? What changes have you made to your activities after becoming a mum?

Before motherhood I wasn’t a frequent camper apart from the odd school trip here and there and a few family camp trips when I myself was a child. However, since being introduced to adventures through my partner, we now love our camping trips and random Saturday drives where we choose a location and head out for the day!

Tell us about an adventure you’ve taken your kids on.

Every Easter we do a 5 day long camping trip. Our last trip away was to Sofala and it was a very nice and relaxing trip. With gold panning down the river with my daughter, swimming and fishing then sitting by the fire of a night.

Why is continuing to be adventurous with your kids important to you?

It’s important to have the chance to get myself and my daughter outdoors to do something active. I believe camping and the outdoors is one, if not, the best way to unwind from everyday life. We also want to teach Saphira hands-on life skills and to get back to basics and disconnect from technology.

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What challenges do you face when trying to adventure with kids and how do you overcome or embrace them?

Keeping my daughter entertained while we are away can be hard at times, however we do bring along a few different games for us to all play together or a sketchbook as she loves to draw. Also having her chip in around the campsite and teaching her how to set up with the help of myself or my partner is a great way to keep them entertained but also showing them the ropes for their own future adventures.

What essential gear do you carry and how does Rhino-Rack fit into your adventure? Any packing or gear tips for other mums?

We always make sure to carry a first aid kit and snake bit kit, and other important safety items like sunscreen and bug spray. We also carry a life straw and a small water filter kit so we’re equipped with clean water at all times. Shade is a must while out in the sun and having the Rhino-Rack Batwing is fantastic for creating a shaded and covered area for us and the kids. As for tips, pack light (I know it's hard!) and spend a little extra time ahead to make sure all your gear is organised.

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What message do you want to share with mums this Mother's Day?

Just have a go. You don't need to have all the top end gear to have a great time. And if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of free and great camp spots out there that have hot showers and toilets for the kids.

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