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From Adventure Seeker To Life Teacher - Jennifer Purdy

08 May 2024

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Meet Jennifer, who says becoming a mother is truly the greatest adventure of all. She has always enjoyed being outdoors both before and after venturing into motherhood. Jennifer says her children know no different than to be gearing up for their next adventure!

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How do you Make Space For Adventure while being a mum? What changes have you made to your activities after becoming a mum?

I love taking my girls into the mountains, parks, traveling, and just being out and getting some sunshine during a picnic. Becoming a mother has changed my activities for the better. There are so many activities available for families and my adventure level definitely went up a notch with children!

Tell us about an adventure you’ve taken your kids on.

My girls and I visited China and had a great time at the Great Wall. They sure had the energy to hike up a ton of stairs!

Why is continuing to be adventurous with your kids important to you?

It is very important to me to enrich my daughters’ lives through adventures. My ultimate goal is to have happy, healthy children. In order for them to be at their best I do think that taking them on adventures is key.

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What challenges do you face when trying to adventure with kids and how do you overcome or embrace them?

Having younger children is definitely the most challenging part. Children need constant guidance, love, and patience. Breaks can be wonderful for both mum and the kids. There is nothing wrong with moving slow on an adventure. Embracing each individual stage of growth requires intuition and patience. As my daughters have become older, I can tell the hard work has paid off. Now when we go on adventures I am the one who can barely keep up!

What essential gear do you carry and how does Rhino-Rack fit into your adventure? Any packing or gear tips for other mums?

A backpack filled with necessities is a must. Snacks, bandaids, you name it! I love the Rhino Rack ecosystem of adventure accessories which make setting up and packing down so easy.

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What message do you want to share with mums this Mother's Day?

Don’t be afraid to go for it, no matter the age of your children. When my children were very small even a little picnic for fresh air made a huge difference in our health. Starting off with a carrier with your little one can still allow for things like a hike. Self care is important and adventuring is a part of that!

How do you balance your role as a mother with other aspects of your life, such as work or personal hobbies?

Work and personal hobbies have sometimes been a challenge to navigate with children. Incorporating all aspects of life with children is a balancing job. Mums are like jugglers! Some of my personal hobbies include taking care of pets and I have my girls help with that. When I can, I love to incorporate my daughters in anything I do.

How have you found support or inspiration from other mothers?

From Pinterest to friends, I have learnt so much from other mothers. How to balance life with children takes a village. I am so happy I have never had to walk alone.