How To Tie Down Straps, Ratchet Straps & Eye Bolts

23 Oct 2021

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Tying down your load incorrectly can get you in trouble, it can cause an accident or damage your items. Before deciding on a product, consider the size, shape and weight of the load to be secured, below are some tips to help you safely secure your gear.

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The Pioneer Ratchet Grab (43139) is a great everyday option to secure your gear during transport, as it can support different weight and cargo requirements and is simple to use.

To properly use your ratchet straps, thread the strap through the mandrel and then crank the ratchet to tighten. To release the strap, press the release tab and open the ratchet.

A great feature about this product is its multi-directional fitting plate, which is ideal for securing loads to your Pioneer Platform, Tray or Tradie.

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The Pioneer Pickup Kit (43175) allows you to strap down items to your Pioneer system quickly and easily. The mounting blocks are designed with a low profile to minimise wind resistance and are easily installed into the C-Channels of the Pioneer system.

Unlike the ratchet strap that uses a ratchet, the Pioneer pickup kit uses hand strength to tighten, these straps are not ideal for heavier cargo weights.

To use simply wrap the buckle strap around the cargo you anticipate on securing and loop onto the mounting blocks. Pull the webbing through the cam buckle, tighten as desired then release the cam buckle hardware to secure the tie-down webbing into place.

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SAFETY TIP: When using any type of strap, it is essential that you inspect the product for visible damage on the webbing, or other damage that could risk the strength of the strap. If your straps are weakened the working load limit could be jeopardised.

Whether you are needing to bring along an extra Esky or toolbox, look no further than our Cargo Corners (43256) to keep your items in place.

These corners provide you with a secure and adaptable anchor point for large bulky items. To ensure that they Corners have been fitted correctly, make sure that they wedge against the side of your gear, and then strap and secure them using the integrated eye bolts as anchors. Our Cargo Corners are compatible with our tie down straps (RTDH3).

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If you are looking for a low profile and easily adjustable load securing option to carry heavy loads on your Rhino-Rack Pioneer System, we recommend our Pioneer Eye bolt Kit (43178).

Eye bolts are one of our highest selling accessory and a must have for any overlanding adventure.

Eye bolts are easy to install and move around on the pioneer, simply screw the bolt into a channel nut and use as a tie off point when securing your load.

No matter whether you're a traveller, tradesman or weekender the Pioneer Eye Bolt kit will work for you.

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