How To Load Your Snowsports Gear

12 Jul 2021

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Every snow lover knows the feeling when it's time to head up to the snow but you’re struggling to pack all that bulky winter gear into the car. It takes a systematic approach to pack successfully for a snow trip, keeping in mind all the equipment and supplies you would need. Luckily, Rhino-Rack has created a fully modular system for transporting your snowsports gear that utilises the same rooftop carrying equipment that you can use year-round for all your other sports. Read on to learn how the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform can be used to easily transport your snow gear to your next winter destination.

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If you own a Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform, there’s no need to take it off and install different roof racks to transport skis and snowboards. Simply install a Ski and Snowboard Carrier onto your platform using an Accessory Bar and load your gear with the bindings pointing up only. This means taking your skis apart and loading each ski side by side, rather than locked together with one binding facing down. We load ski gear this way on the platform because there isn't enough clearance between the carrier and the platform to fit any bindings face down. The Ski and Snowboard Carrier can also be mounted directly to the platform on the front and rear extrusion if your skis or snowboards exceed the length of the platform.

The Ski and Snowboard Carrier can also be installed onto Rhino-Rack cross bars. Installing the carrier on crossbars will give more clearance between the carrier and the roof of your car so you can pack two snowboards sandwiched together or 3 pairs of skis lying side by side. This approach will come in handy when you have the car packed with mates or have the whole family in tow.

TIP: Don't want to carry ski poles in the back of the car? The Stow It Utility Holder is a great way to securely hold and transport your ski poles on the roof. The Stow It will also come in handy for your other adventures outside of the snow season and can securely hold fishing rods, paddles, shovels, axes and more.

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Ski and Snowboard Carrier on Cross Bars

If you're after a fully enclosed carrier, a roof box is a great option for transporting your snowsports gear. A roof box is great as it keeps your gear clean from road dirt that can damage the base of your skis. You can also store groceries or any other bulky lightweight items that will fit, like jackets and snow pants. A Rhino-Rack Roof Box can be mounted onto the Pioneer Platform via Accessory Bars, or a set of cross bars, and easily accessed from the side of your vehicle. You can load multiple pairs of skis, snowboards and poles in the box - and if you pack smart your load will be transported rattle free.

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Roof Box mounted on Pioneer Platform with Accessory Bars

As always, remember to lock all your Rhino-Rack accessories with their built-in locks and keep the keys somewhere safe!