How to Load Tools and Ladders

17 May 2021

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For every tradesman, keeping tools and materials safe in the back of your work vehicle is a massive priority, so it’s imperative you have a system to ensure you load and secure your gear properly.

When it comes to ladders, everyone knows that carrying them around can be a nightmare, especially for those working out of a van. At just the right length to interfere with all your other tools, they can also become a dangerous projectile if not stored and secured properly. This is where the Rhino-Rack Internal Ladder Rack comes in. Utilising all that free space up high inside the cab, the ladder can now be attached to the underside of the roof and safely locked into place with the Internal Ladder Rack. No more playing Tetris in the back of a van with a ladder and all your tools.

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For those who prefer the trusty ute for transporting tools; loading and securing your gear is another ball game. The best spot for storing the ladder is up high on the roof rack or canopy bars, securely locked with a ladder lock or cable device so thieves can’t steal it. Safely getting your ladder up there is made much easier with Rhino-Rack’s complete range of ladder carriers, slides and rollers. And if you’re keen to make the job even easier and safer again, check out the wheel step and folding ladders that will give you the extra height you need when securing your load. 

If you’re using the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tradie on your ute or van, it will open up a universe of space for storage. There is a Pioneer range specifically designed to meet the needs of tradesmen loading expensive tools, and you can secure anything you put up there with anything from the vast range of Pioneer Tradie Accessories. All of the Rhino-Rack accessories have been designed to clip, lock or screw easily into the platform - so it makes designing the load-carrying system you need a dream to put together.

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As always, it’s important to ensure your load is secured properly and not exceeding the overhang limits. And if you need something extra to tie everything down, make sure you are using a quality set of ratchets, brackets or lockable tie-downs so everything stays put. Safety First!