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A superior range of Pioneers to support you before, during and after hours

25 Feb 2021

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Being a tradesman in Australia is physical by no doubt; travelling from job to job, lugging heavy tools and equipment can really take it out of you. For that reason, letting loose on your days off and heading outdoors is a great system reboot. So to all of our hard working tradies, Rhino-Rack is here to make your life just a little easier with the award winning Pioneer range, the ultimate load carrying solutions.

Whether you’re moving a hefty amount of materials to your next job, or get named deso and have to carry the gear for your next adventure you can choose between the Pioneer Platform, Tradie or Trays to get it all there in one piece. Thanks to Rhino-Rack’s high strength aluminium and nylon materials, the Pioneers have been made to withstand all types of treatment. The use of full side rails and bars also work to keep everything from moving about when you’re in a rush to clock off or catch the last fish before sunset. You don’t have to worry about being gentle with the Pioneers, they can handle a load of tools and tackle boxes with ease.

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For the days when you get stuck in the rain at work, the Pioneer’s corrosion resistance feature will prevent any wear or discolouring. The Pioneer trays, in particular, offer a fully enclosed roof solution with welded rails for the days when you need that extra security, or need to safely store your gear when not in use. Rain, hail or shine, Rhino-Rack’s Pioneer Platform, Tradie and Trays have got your back through it all.

With excellence in design and versatility, this Rhino-Rack range comes in many different shapes and sizes so it can be fitted to a multitude of vehicles without the need for modifications. That way, taking your boss’ ute instead of your own won’t be an issue with a quick and easy installation. Thanks to the Pioneer Platform’s integrated measuring strip and wiring channels, installation is not only that much cleaner and safer, but can save you a bucket load of time so you don’t have to worry about being late to your next job.

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Additionally, the North-South planks on the Pioneer range make Rhino-Rack masters in aerodynamics. By designing the planks to lay north to south rather than east to west, both wind drag and noise are able to be reduced to a large extent. When you’re taking a break from a hard day's work, Rhino-Rack gives you nothing but the peace and quiet you deserve with this aerodynamic composition.

The option for you to build your desired set up on the Pioneer range is more than possible with Rhino-Racks wide range of over 125 accessories. The open design of each style means that you can access the platforms from all four sides and load up your gear from whichever direction suits you best. The accessory channels on the front and rear extrusions also allow for equipment like shovel holders, ladder racks and batwing awnings to be fitted onto your vehicle. Heading straight out for a trip just got easier with this added element of versatility.

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Rhino-Rack’s range of Pioneer styles have been designed to change the way you complete your rooftop set up. As leading creators of world class roof racks, Rhino-Rack have ensured that the Pioneer Platform, Tradie and Trays are the most versatile on the market, able to carry all the gear you need for your long days on site or off.



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