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Tips on loading tradie gear on your roof racks

24 Jun 2021

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When loading tools and ladders to your roof racks to transport to the worksite, safety is paramount. At Rhino-Rack we have a huge range of ladder carriers, conduit holders, end caps and load securing accessories to get you to work with ease. We have put together some frequently asked questions on our tradie roof racks and accessories, have a read below.

Do Rhino roof racks fit all vans?

Rhino-Rack have roof rack solutions to suit almost all vans. Our in-house Engineers are constantly surveying the market for new vehicles and aim to design and engineer fits to suit all vans. 

Fit your van with a roof rack: https://www.rhinorack.com/roof

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How do you fix ladders on a roof rack?

Gone are the days when people used occy straps to secure items to their roof. This is not a safe or secure way to mount items to your roof rack. We recommend using a purpose-built and engineered ladder carrying system to quickly and safely transport ladders to and from the jobsite. We have a range of ladder carriers that are lockable and come equipped with a smooth-rolling ladder loading system so you can minimise the overhead stress of working with your ladder all day long.

If you would prefer to keep your ladder inside your van and out of sight from thieves, check out our Internal Ladder rack; these ingenious devices load your ladder on the inside of your roof, up and away from the rest of your tools leaving you space to work. Internal Ladder Racks are currently available for the Toyota HiAce Gen 6 and Hyundai iLoad. To get set up, measure your ladder and check out the links below to figure out which system will suit your needs.

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How do you transport a ladder in a pickup truck?

We unfortunately don’t offer ladder rack solutions for pickup trucks at this stage. If your pickup truck or ute has a canopy or topper fitted, you may be able to utilise a roof mounted ladder rack system to carry your ladder.

Fit your canopy with roof racks: https://www.rhinorack.com/en-au/canopy

Fit your pickup truck or ute with roof racks: https://www.rhinorack.com/en-au/roof

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What are the best roof top conduit holders?

Rhino-Rack produces an array of conduit holders manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions so you can trust them for any job. The carriers are fully customisable so you can choose between locking and non-locking end caps - and there are a range of brackets that you can use to fit them to your vehicle. Before deciding which system to use, familiarise yourself with your roof rack, Pioneer or tray system so you understand which clamps, brackets and attachments you need to use. Also, make sure you know exactly how long to buy your conduit carrier by measuring the equipment and supplies you need to carry.

If you are carrying copper pipes, we recommend you use our BCW-C Conduit Reinforced End cap as it provides an extra level of safety when braking or in transit. You can find them here: https://www.rhinorack.com/en-au/products/trade-work-solutions/work-solutions/conduits-carriers/conduit-reinforced-end-cap-100mm_bcw-c

Find our conduit carriers and end caps here: https://www.rhinorack.com/en-au/products/trade-work-solutions/work-solutions/conduits-carriers

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How do you secure a toolbox to roof racks?

Before attempting to secure your toolbox to your roof, you should check out the Rhino-Rack cargo corners. These provide an anchor point for your straps and a footing for the corners of the toolbox that prevent it from sliding around on your roof tray.
View our cargo corners: https://www.rhinorack.com/en-au/products/roof/roof-trays/pioneer-platform-accessories/pioneer-cargo-corner-bracket-kit_43256
The most secure way to tie down your toolbox is with a set of lockable tie-down straps. Check out our Rapid Locking Straps that are Master Key compatible for added peace of mind.

Alternatively, when it comes to non-locking options, you can go for a set of ratchet straps or tie down straps that are handy when you want to secure something heavy. View our tie down straps: https://www.rhinorack.com/en-au/products/straps-accessory-holders/load-securing/tie-down-straps

Also, take note of the style of roof rack you have; crossbars vs a platform or even a tray or tradie. Every manufacturer has their own load ratings that must be adhered to so you can safely transport your toolbox without compromising the safety of others on the road. View our load rating calculator.

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How do you secure a roof rack from theft?

Many Rhino-Rack roof racks are Master Key compatible for that extra peace of mind. When it comes to keeping your valuables safe on your roof racks, we have sturdy lockable tie downs that deter thieves even further that are suitable for everything from surfboards to gear bags. Lastly, if you are in the trades, ladders are some of the most commonly stolen tools. Rhino-Rack have a range of dedicated ladder carrying systems with the added option for purchasing ladder lock cables to provide the ultimate security for your ladders.

Learn more: https://www.rhinorack.com/en-au/products/straps-accessory-holders/load-securing/ladder-locks-cables

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