Understanding Your Added Vehicle Height

11 Jan 2022

Your clearance height is an important consideration when adding any modifications to your vehicle, there are various situations you might find yourself in when your height could be an issue, such as being able to fit into a shopping carpark or various road tunnels and underpasses. It is for that reason that you need to understand the additional height that is added to your vehicle typically when mounting a Pioneer and Backbone system.

The additional height is measured by using two datum points, first is the base point, this is the highest position of your vehicle and second is the top point, which is the top of the Pioneer platform as shown below.

article image
article image

In this example the additional vehicle height added by the installation of a Pioneer and Backbone system is 100mm. You would then add this to the overall height of your vehicle which can be found in your vehicle’s owner manual. Another note to consider is that any other vehicle modifications that you have made to your vehicle will impact the overall height, so it is always recommended to manually confirm these dimensions.

There are two places that you can find your Pioneer and Backbone added vehicle height, first is on the backbone specifications page on our website as shown below, example is using the Rhino-Rack Backbone mounting system for the Toyota 200 series (RTLB3).

article image

In cases that this is not visible, your second option is to look at your Pioneer Vehicle Fitting Information, added vehicle height can be found at the top right-hand side of the instruction as shown below.

article image

To locate your vehicles Fitting Information, simply head to the Fit My Vehicle Journey on the Rhino-Rack website, add in your vehicle details, select the Pioneer and Backbone option. Then scroll down to ‘Product Details’, ‘Instructions’ and then select ‘View Fitting Chart’.

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