How to Load Fishing Rods

09 Aug 2021

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Keeping your fishing rods out of your vehicle and out of harm's way has never been easier with Rhino-Rack. It doesn’t matter what roof carrying set-up you currently have; we have a solution that will make every fishing trip a little bit more enjoyable. 

There are three main holders in the Rhino-Rack range: the Fishing Rod Holder (Small), the Stow It Utility Holder and the Multi-Purpose Holder (Universal Fit). Which one suits you best will largely depend on how many fishing rods you are looking to carry and whether you have crossbars or the Pioneer Platform on your vehicle.

If you own the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform, you already know how versatile it is and the full range of accessories it’s compatible with. The Rhino-Rack Fishing Rod Holder (Small) is a clamp style rod carrier that fits easily onto the platform and can hold up to 4 fishing rods, securely nestled between the wide rubber grips. The arm features a locking mechanism so you have the peace of mind you need when transporting valuable cargo or leaving your vehicle unattended.

The Fishing Rod Holder (Small) can be mounted to the Pioneer Fishing Rod Holder Bracket at a 75-degree angle to free up space on top of your Pioneer system for other gear you need to carry.

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Fishing Rod Holder (Small) with Pioneer Fishing Rod Holder Bracket
article image
Multi-Purpose Holder (Universal Fit) on Pioneer Platform

If you’re a solo fisherman and only need to carry one fishing rod, the Stow It Utility Holder fits perfectly onto your Pioneer Platform and securely cradles a single rod between the protective rubber inside the claw of the holder. The additional spring-loaded quick release ratchet mechanism and key locking features of the Stow It Utility Holder mean you can access and secure your gear without any fuss. Like the Fishing Rod Holder (Small) and the Multi-Purpose Holder (Universal Fit), this little gadget can also hold several other things including a shovel, SUP paddles or ski poles.

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Stow It Utility Holder on Pioneer Platform
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Fishing Rod Holder (Small) on crossbars

While there’s no denying that the Pioneer Platform is Australia’s most versatile platform, you may be using a set of crossbars instead. Luckily, the Rhino-Rack Fishing Rod Holder (Small) can also be fitted to crossbars either on top or to the side of your vehicle for easy access. To make this happen all you need to do is pick up the Pioneer Fishing Rod Holder Bracket and you’re good to go.

To hold a single rod with a crossbar set-up, you can also use the Multi-Purpose Holder (Universal Fit). The Multi-Purpose Holder (Universal Fit) will clip onto any bar and hold anything from a fishing rod to a SUP paddle or a shovel too.

There is a Rhino-Rack solution for every avid sportsperson, and when your accessories can cross over from one sport to another you are saving valuable time and money when the seasons change or on multi-sport adventures. Check out the Pioneer Platform to discover the myriad ways that you can utilise a platform and make space for all your adventures.

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