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Commonly Asked Roof Rack Questions

16 Jan 2021

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Though you may know the basics about roof racks and their features, there’s always an opportunity to brush up on your knowledge or learn something new about this trusty companion for outdoor adventures.
Below are some frequently asked questions about roof racks so you can brush up on your knowledge before you hit the road.

What is the best awning for my car?

Awnings are a useful addition to any car as they provide both shade from the sun and shelter from wind and rain. Before purchasing an awning, it’s important to take into consideration the weight, size, material and how it will be attached to your vehicle.

In short, the two questions you should ask yourself are:
What do I want my awning to achieve?
How big is the area I want covered?

Check out our Awning Buying Guide to help you get started on considering which product to buy.
Additionally, click on Shade Awnings to browse our selection of awnings and see which one matches with your vehicle.

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Why are roof racks so expensive?

Roof racks are skillfully engineered using high-quality materials and sturdy design to hold up a large amount of weight on top of a car while withstanding wind resistance and high speeds. The materials from which roof racks are engineered can endure hundreds or often thousands of pounds of force in multiple directions without bending or separating from the vehicle.

Additionally, the rack has to be aerodynamically engineered to reduce loud noises as air moves over and around the rack and the attached belongings. While roof racks may not come at a low price-point, they are worth the investment if you’re a frequent user of roof racks, drive at high speeds, or like to take trips. In these cases, you’ll want a roof rack that is tough, reliable and durable.

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Are Rhino roof racks universal?

Rhino-Rack roof racks are designed specifically to fit one or a few models of vehicle, so the roof racks are not universal and are not guaranteed to perfectly fit every model of car. To see which roof rack system works is compatible with your vehicle, simply use the "Fit My Vehicle" tool.

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Why are my Rhino roof racks whistling?

Our range of roof racks have been produced with rubber inserts to reduce noise and prevent whistling. Incorrect installation often causes noisy roof racks. Check your product’s instructions to ensure the correction installation of rubber strips in the channels both topside and underside of your roof rack bars. The rubber inserts should be cut to the correct length and fitted inside the channel, leaving no gaps.

Finally, ensure your end caps are installed and locked before driving. Check out our Wind Fairings here if you want to further reduce wind noise. If there is still noise, ask your nearest dealer for additional solutions.

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Where are Rhino-Racks made?

Rhino-Rack products are proudly designed and assembled in Australia at their facility in Eastern Creek, NSW. 

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Can you install roof racks yourself?

Many of our roof racks can easily be installed unassisted, although we recommend some roof rack systems such as trackmounts and backbones to be installed by an authorised Rhino-Rack dealer. Make sure to abide by the instructions and know that some systems do not come with all the necessary tools for installation. See our Fitting Times guide on which systems we recommend for professional installation. If you have any fitting issues, please contact your nearest dealer for help and refer to the instructions.


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