Commonly Asked Roof Rack Questions

13 Aug 2020

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Ready to go on an outdoor adventure but don’t know what to start? Feeling confused about the type of equipment to bring and what the difference between the products are?

Below are some commonly asked questions to help you find out the best solutions to accompany you on your next journey, near or far.

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How do I choose a roof rack?

Rhino Rack offers 3 variations of roof rack solutions: Vortex, Heavy Duty and Euro.



The Vortex bar is an aerodynamic cross bar offering users a quiet roof bar solution ideal for all rooftop storage solutions.



The Heavy Duty roof rack system designed for trade offering a durable equipment transportation solution.


The Euro roof rack system is the strong and lightweight square bar that is useful as an economic daily carrying solution.

For more information, use the Fit My Vehicle tool linked below and answer a few questions to find out the best Rhino-Rack roof rack for your car.


Can you put a roof rack on any car?

Roof racks are vehicle specific. Whilst two vehicles roof’s may look similar there can easily be significant differences in them, and as a result each vehicle has its own specific fitment. While common components can be used across different models and makes, the correct positioning and measurements for a successful installation may vary. Always check your vehicle with our Fit My Vehicle tool to ensure the correct fitment is being used.

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What are the quietest roof racks?

We have worked to develop and innovate some of the quietest racks in the market. Our range of Vortex bars offer users the quietest bar offering courtesy of its aerodynamic styling and use of our Vortex Generating Strips designed to further reduce wind noise. Designed to work seamlessly with our range of legs we have innovated some of the quietest racks in the market.

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Are inflatable roof racks any good?

Overall to ensure that any load you plan to carry on the roof of your car, you are best to install an approved roof racks system to ensure peace of mind on any journey.

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Do car top carriers affect fuel consumption?

Adding any additional accessory to the external of your vehicle will have an impact on the vehicles aerodynamics and as a result its fuel consumption and performance. The use of roof racks will ensure you are able to carry your load safely and securely with a compromise in overall fuel consumption.

Find out Which Roof Racks best suit your vehicle

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