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K’gari (Fraser Island) through the lense of photographer, Sean Scott

07 Apr 2022

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Teleportation may not be on the cards, but Sean Scott’s photographs are the next best thing. Sean Scott is an ocean landscape photographer, Tourism Australia ambassador and fellow Rhino-Rack advocate. When Sean’s not ocean-side capturing epic shots of his hometown, Burleigh Heads, he’s road tripping around Australia in his purpose-built, outback photography ‘79 series LandCruiser; a setup capable of living, working and playing in any location. Recently, that location was none other than K’gari (Fraser Island). We caught up with Sean to hear more about his trip, including his favourite spots, special moments and necessary gear.

“The best part is just discovering new places on your own. That’s the way I love my road trips the most. Just follow your nose and see what’s out there.” - Sean Scott

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How long were you on K’gari and what did you get up to while you were there?

The road trip to K’gari was a week-long trip with my sons and their mates. The trip was in the boys' school holidays, so it was perfect to spend some time with them exploring the island. There is hardly any service in parts of the island, so it was great for them to disconnect.

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Why K’gari?

I always love coming back to the island! Around every corner is another epic photo opportunity and another campsite I want to stay at. The best part is discovering new places on your own. That’s the way I love my road trips the most. Just follow your nose and see what’s out there. Fraser Island is the perfect destination for that and it’s close to home, which is great.

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What equipment did you take and what could you not go without?

On this trip we took the 79 Series Land-cruiser (The Dusty79), the boys slept in swags and I had the rooftop tent. The Cruiser is fitted with the new Rhino-Rack Backbone and the Pioneer Platform which is epic! It holds my solar panel on top which allows me to charge all of my camera equipment on the road. It also stores my MaxTrax and shovel (which I have loaded with my Rhino-Rack quick-release Stow It Utility Holder) in case I get bogged in soft sand. It’s without a doubt an important piece of equipment I always travel with.

Another piece I love is my Rhino-Rack Fishing Rod Holder. It’s super quick and easy to get my rods, so I take them with me most of the time! Lastly, the Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning is unreal. I use it a lot on family trips to stay out of the sun.

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If you could choose one special moment, what would it be and why?

The most special moment we had on this trip was probably when we saw seven dingos cruising down the beach at sunset. We were set up for the night cooking our dinner when the group came out of the bushland and walked right past camp! The light was perfect with the sun setting in the background at the same time. It really is beautiful to see these dingos in the wild. It’s so important to be responsible when you encounter these wild animals. If we continue to leave them be (don’t approach or feed them), I have no doubt we’ll be able to enjoy more peaceful encounters in the future.

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If you could recommend doing one thing on K’gari, what would it be?

I would definitely recommend checking out Lake Mckenzie at sunrise. It’s an epic swimming spot during the day, but it’s incredible in the early morning, especially when no one else is around. The boys and I had the whole lake to ourselves one morning and there was not a breath of wind touching the water; it was like a sheet of glass. It’s a super special spot, that’s for sure!

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Where is your favourite place to shoot on the Island?

I love taking photographs on the west side of the island. Sunsets over there are pretty incredible and you’ll find yourself on a whole beach to yourself. It doesn’t get much better! Having said that, the whole island is a great place to explore and the tracks are well worn and quite easy to access.

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Where are you off to next?

My next trip this year will be to the Northern Territory sometime at the end of April to early May. I can't wait!

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