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View the large range of accessories available to fit your Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform.

All prices are listed in USD & exclude freight & fitting charges
  1. Adjustable Load Holder (Vortex Bar)

    RLH2 Most Popular Product

    The Load Holder is designed to secure your load in a position that doesn't move in transit.

    $49.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  2. Multi Purpose Holder (Universal Fit)

    RMPHU Most Popular Product

    The Universal Multi Purpose Holder fits all Rhino-Rack bars to carry long cargo such as skis and fishing rods.

    $59.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  3. Spare Wheel Holder

    RSWH Most Popular Product

    The Spare Wheel Holder is developed for our range of Pioneer Systems and Alloy Trays.

    $98.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  4. Spare Wheel Strap

    RSWS Most Popular Product

    The spare wheel strap is essential for a safe adventure.

    $39.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  5. Multi Purpose Shovel and Conduit Holder Bracket

    31114 Most Popular Product

    Multi Purpose Bracket allows you to carry a Shovel or Conduit on a range of Pioneer Racks and Shade Accessories.

    $39.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  6. Pioneer Foxwing And Sunseeker Awning Bracket Kit

    43100 Most Popular Product

    Attach a Foxwing or Sunseeker Awning directly to your Pioneer Tray/Platform with our engineered bracket kit.

    $55.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
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