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Rhino-Rack makes a bike carrier for everyone's needs. From bike type, vehicle type and number of bikes to be transported this is your guide to deciding which Rhino-Rack bike carrier best suits you. Whether you have Road Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Fat Bikes, Kids Bikes, Cruiser Bikes, BMX, or Folding Bikes Rhino-Rack will get you out on your next adventure faster!

1. What type of vehicle do you have?

The type of vehicle you have will determine your options for bike mounting styles.

Vehicle Type Roof Top Tow Bar Hitch Spare Wheel Tow Ball Claw
Ute / Pick-Up
2. How do you want to mount your bike? image

2. How do you want to mount your bike?

When loading your bike, no matter the style, you should consider the best option for your needs, type of bike and preferred mounting location to the vehicle. The methods for mounting your bike are; using the Forks, the Wheels or the Frame for securing to your vehicle.

  • The Forks method is best supported by a Roof Top Carrier or in the case of a Ute or the Claw.
  • The Wheel method is best supported by a Roof Top Carrier or the Tow bar Hitch.
  • The Frame method is best supported by a Tow Bar Hitch, Rear Clip On, Spare Wheel or Tow Ball.
How strong do you feel? image

How strong do you feel?

If you have trouble lifting a bike up and onto your roof then it can be a better idea to utilise any of the Hitch, Rear Clip-on, Spare wheel or Tow Bar mounted carriers as mentioned above.

Do you want to carry bikes on your trailer or caravan? image

Do you want to carry bikes on your trailer or caravan?

The best option for a person carrying bikes with a caravan attached would be on the roof of the car, or, if the vehicle is a SUV or 4X4 then on a spare tyre mount on the car.

Security for your bike image

Security for your bike

Rhino-Rack is focused on developing the most secure Bike Carriers so you can rest assured that thieves won't be able to remove your bike or the racks. Each type of Bike Carrier comes with different theft reduction features; the inclusion of heavy duty cable locks, anti-theft locking systems such as rack to carrier, bike to carrier and finally the cable to keep your bike and racks as secure as possible.

Regulatory Compliance image

Regulatory Compliance

Each state has it's own road authority and state legislation concerning transporting bikes on your vehicle. All laws focus mainly on the display of a license plate, basically, your bike carrier or bikes cannot hinder the view of your license plate. Rhino-Rack produces the Number Plate Holder (part RBCA011) so that you're never in trouble with the law.

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