Sneak peek of Series 14 of All 4 Adventure

25 Nov 2022

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All 4 Adventure Series 14: Torres to Tassie is about to hit the screens! On November 27th at 4pm, you can settle in for a Sunday afternoon session watch of our action-packed series. This season, myself and Simon got up to some serious adventure. Picture hardcore rock crawling, Tasmania’s wild west coast, fun in the snow, fishing and a heap more carnage.

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Rig run-down

For the last 6 years, Simon and I have been using Rhino-Rack Pioneer roof racks because of their strength in rooftop storage. My Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series has the Pioneer Platform Roof Rack with Backbone Mounting System. The Rhino-Rack Backbone helps distribute weight more evenly through the body of the vehicle. This is perfect for big adventures where you’ve got a heap of gear on board. For those sunny days when you need some extra protection from the Australian sun and UV rays, I’ve got the Sunseeker 2.5m Awning and the Batwing Awning on board. These two are handy as I can bring the shade along with me wherever the trip ends up taking me and know I’ll have decent shelter. If I’m hit with an unexpected shower or two, I can still sit outside for a yarn under the awning. I’ve also got a Spade and a Stow-It Accessory Holder to attach it to my Pioneer Platform.

Check out the rest of my rig run down.

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What to expect in this season

Off-tap fishing

The fishing missions were a huge highlight of the trip. Due to the conditions, it took us 3 days to drive to the remote location where we threw in the lines. However, it was the most spectacular fishing trip ever. If you make the trip out there, it will seriously blow your mind how off-tap the fish were. It’s absolutely one that all keen fishermen should add to their must-fish list.

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There were some challenges along the way

Leaving in the wet season made the trip extremely challenging! You may be surprised to hear it took us one week to travel from Laura to the Tip Of Cape York. It was due to the muddiest conditions I have ever encountered. It’s safe to say that you never know what kind of conditions you may end up in on your journey.

Speaking of wet, we rescued some poor travellers who needed a little roadside assistance in getting out of the water. I’d like to remind the viewers that find themselves in this position that it’s important to first assess the situation. If you decide to cross a water crossing you have to commit and keep going. If you find yourself in any trouble make sure you stay with the vehicle.

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A shift to the snow

Plunging into the snowy part of the trip was definitely an experience. Going from 33 degrees celsius with 100% humidity to around 5 degrees celsius in Tassie was mental. It was so cold that I actually had to wear shoes, can you believe it?!

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Towing and quad biking

We took the new CFMOTO on the trip and I have to say it was extremely impressive! What you’ll see on your screens is a wild and very challenging countryside. This is the reason Simon struggled to keep the wheels on the ground, and there was some rolling going on. There are definitely some funny scenes about to hit your screen.

Thankfully, we didn’t roll the Jayco CrossTrak! The D-Max tows the CrossTrak easily and luckily Simon is a master at keeping the wheels on the ground. We were able to keep the van nice and safe throughout the trip and return home with it in one piece.

Set your alarms, write it in bold on your calendars, or do whatever you’ve got to do to remember November 27th, 2022. This is the series not to be missed, with some incredible adventures you’ve just got to witness.

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