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How to mount your Stow It on the side of your vehicle with the SSIT kit

22 Aug 2022

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The Stow It Utility Holder is one of the most versatile utility holders on the market, integrating four products into one innovative design. Whether you use it to carry your spade, shovel or fishing rod, the Stow It allows you to make even more space on your vehicle for your outdoor adventures. Now you can take it all along for the ride. To mount it on your roof, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the Stow It Starter Kit handy for a unique and easy installation process.

How to fix it to your vehicle

The STOW iT Starter Kit allows you to simply and easily fix the base brackets to the perimeter channels of your Pioneer Platform or Rhino-Rack Crossbar. We know your vehicle is used for multiple purposes, adventures and travels, so you can rest assured that with the SSIT you’ll have the flexibility to add, remove or swap accessories with ease.

The kit includes 4 STOW iT Base Brackets, 4 Universal Adaptors, 8 Rhino-Rack patented hardware - Zwifloc & Torx driver bit.

Gone are the days the fishing rod is left behind due to limited vehicle space. In fact, it’s never been more convenient or easier to take your gear along for the ride.

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Built tough

There’s enough to consider when planning your adventure that you shouldn’t have the additional stress of worrying about how your gear will last on the road. The STOW iT Starter Kit is built tough enough for even the harshest of terrains that you may encounter on your time on the off beaten track. It features a durable finish while remaining aesthetically pleasing and complementing the style of your vehicle.

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Compatible with a range platforms

If you’re already equipped with one of our platforms, you’ll be pleased to hear the STOW iT Starter Kit is compatible with a range of them, including the Reconn-Deck Ute Tub System, Vortex Bars, Pioneer Platform, Pioneer Tray and Pioneer Tradie. Complement your existing setup with even more versatility and convenience.

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Add some shade to your setup

Not only does the STOW iT Starter Kit allow you to attach your STOW iT Utility Holder to your rooftop, the kit comes with Universal Adaptors that are ideal for mounting a Sunseeker Awning. Spend more time on the road, whilst safely protecting yourself from the elements under a UV50+ portable shade.

An outdoor adventure consists of so many elements, including all the activities you get up to with your family and group of mates. The STOW iT Starter Kit is one way to bring along all the gear while still keeping enough space for everything else that makes your adventure incredible.

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