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How to prepare your vehicle for the slopes 

25 Jul 2022

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The much anticipated snow season has arrived and with it, flocks of snow sport enthusiasts are making their way to the white-coated peaks of Australia. If you’ve got a mountain getaway in your upcoming calendar, make sure you’re prepared for your trip with our selection of snow gear carriers and storage.

Designed for skiers and boarders

Although they’re typically rivals on the mountain, skiers and boarders can agree that Rhino-Rack’s Ski and Snowboard Carriers are an absolute necessity for a snow trip. With gear and products available for carrying from one to six skis, there’s something to suit everyone’s snow trip.

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The Ski and Snowboard Carrier

Keeping the interior of your vehicle clutter-free, the Ski and Snowboard Carrier can be purchased to carry a varying amount of skis or boards, depending on your needs. The 572 can carry two skis, the 573 is able to hold three skis or two snowboards, the 574 holds four skis or two snowboards and 576 – a must-have for families – can carry an impressive six skis or four snowboards. Whether you’re a solo snow sports enthusiast or are planning to hit the slopes with a group, you can prepare your vehicle accordingly with these handy roof mountable gear holders.

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Multi Purpose Holder

Made from strong, glass-reinforced nylon material, the Multi Purpose Holder is easily attached around your roof bars to hold your ski poles in place. With the ability to carry long thin cargo easily, you can even use the Multi Purpose Holder to store an extra pair of skis for your days in the mountains. It won’t go to waste in the summer either; use it year-round to hold fishing rods, kayak paddles, spades and shovels or a sailboard mast.

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Ski and Snowboard Roof Boxes

There’s a lot that goes into a snow trip, and gear extends far beyond what you’re riding down the slope on. Ski and snowboard roof boxes are ideal for transporting all of your snow threads to the mountains. Not to mention, it doubles as a storage space for future non-snow adventures such as camping trips and outdoor sports events.

Choose between three sizes including 370L, 410L and 530L, all featuring a sleek, aerodynamic design to reduce wind drag.

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The benefits

When it comes to a snow trip, the more the merrier. Ski and snowboard carriers and roof boxes are an excellent way to maximise the number of people you can pack into your car and take up the mountain. They’re also an efficient way to keep the interior of your vehicle clean, without the damage of mud or water being dragged inside. Keep your gear safe and secure on your vehicle’s roof while making ample space for your adventures.

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