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How to store your MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks

19 Apr 2022

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Many of us have been in the unfortunate situation of getting stuck on our outdoor adventures and there’s nothing more frustrating than being bogged. This is where the MAXTRAX recovery tracks come in. Sinking their teeth into the tyre tread and the terrain under the vehicle, they prevent us from slipping back into mud, snow, or sand, and make vehicle recovery quick and easy. Naturally, MAXTRAX recovery tracks are an integral part of our journey so they always come with us. For this reason, we’ve made transporting and storing recovery tracks seamless with our products that work hand-in-hand with MAXTRAX.

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What products do I need to store my MAXTRAX?

The Pioneer Recovery Track Side Bracket

With our Pioneer Recovery Track Side Bracket (43159), you’ll be able to easily mount your MAXTRAX Recovery Equipment at a 75-degree angle to all Rhino-Rack Pioneer systems. This means you’ll have plenty of extra space for all of your other gear. You can fit a maximum of two recovery track products to your vehicle, so if you need more you’ll need the Pioneer Recovery Track Support Bracket (43197).


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If fitting this product to the 45100B/45101B Pioneer Tradie or 41100/41101 Pioneer Trays you will be required to use the Recovery Track Strap kit (43199). The mounting pins cannot be used.

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Pioneer Maxtrax Support Bracket

If you want to carry an additional two MAXTRAX in your Pioneer Recovery Track Side Bracket, you can take up to four recovery tracks when you combine the Pioneer Recovery Track Side Bracket (43159) with the Pioneer Recovery Track Support Bracket (43197). This product does as its name suggests – it provides additional support to the Pioneer Recovery Track Side Bracket, allowing you to transport more on your adventures.

Note: If you have a Pioneer Tray, this bracket isn’t required; the railing supplies the same necessary support needed.

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Pioneer Recovery Tracks Flat Bracket

Designed to be easily installed, our Pioneer Recovery Tracks Flat Bracket (43235) allows recovery tracks to fit onto the Pioneer Platform, Tradie or Tray. A set of four location bolts/pins protrude upright and can be tightened via the set of knobs, which work to secure your recovery tracks in a set and firm position, ensuring they remain onboard for your use when you need them.

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