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Sean Scott Photography

11 Oct 2020

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It’s been a couple years since we caught up with highly-accredited photographer, Sean Scott. Based in Burleigh Heads, Sean has continued to capture and share timeless moments so we thought we’d see what he has been up to recently.

What have you been up to during quarantine?

At the start of quarantine, I had to stay home just like the rest of the country. Fortunately for me, being based in Queensland, I was still able to get out and about to exercise and work. Everyone seems to be connecting to nature more - people out camping and enjoying the outdoors - which I think is the best thing to do. Once we got the greenlight for state travel, I hit the road and did a 6 week long road trip all around Queensland.

Being a photographer, especially at my local beaches, I was also planning and building my new outback photography truck, “The Dusty79”, so I had plenty to do while enjoying my time at home with the family.

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Could you tell me more about your 6 week long road trip around QLD?

My big road trip took me from Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast (where I live) all the way to the Gulf in far North Queensland. We started our trip out west in the Roma Region of Outback Queensland exploring loads of free camps and national parks in the area. Heading a bit further south to the NSW border, we stayed right in front of a few classic old Outback Queensland pubs.

From here we took the midland highway up towards Townsville where we spent a week photographing the Townsville region. A few nights over on Magnetic Island was definitely a highlight for this part of the trip; I went to the Seychelles last year for a photography trip and Magnetic Island was just as good - absolutely loved it.

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Now we’re getting to the best part of the whole trip: going further north to Cairns, starting the Savannah Way which I have been wanting to do for a while! We travelled on and off sealed roads and got to camp out under the stars all through the beautiful Savannah country. Laying in bed in Burketown and hearing the crocodiles out hunting was very cool as was the national parks and swimming holes around Lawn Hill. Cobbolt Gorge, Undara Volcanic National Park, Karumba, there’s just so many great places to visit.

Heading down South, I really enjoyed the drive from Lawn hill to Mount Isa, which was a real eye opener. It’s sort of an unknown location in Outback Queensland and we found some of our favourite camp-sites from the whole trip in this area, including The Granites - we even got to the NT border at Camooweal. We headed straight back to my home at Burleigh Heads after Mount Isa.

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What products have you been taking with you for the journey?

So I have a Toyota LandCruiser 200 series and a Toyota LandCruiser 79 series. The 200 series has the backbone with a pioneer platform that has mounts to put surfboards on the roof and adaptive accessories to suit what I’m going to do.

My 79 series has:

  • The new backbone which I think looks really cool and a bit sleeker. Everything transferred over to it pretty easily.
  • All New Pioneer Platform. It holds everything I use as far as my solar panel, working lights, shovel and MAXTRAX
  • Adaptors to hold gas bottles on the roof for when I’m cooking or need some hot water.
  • All the Rhino rack holders which holds my Rhino-Rack shovel - important in case I get stuck somewhere.
  • The batwing awning which is great for when I’m camping away from or without the Caravan.
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How do you get the perfect angle in your shots? Particularly because some are extremely high and are able to capture such a wide scale!

I use a drone, water housing in the water; sometimes I’ll go up in helicopters and planes and shoot on land with a DSLR camera. The theory behind using this combination is to cover every angle I possibly can.

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The Thallon Painted Silos on your instagram were a real stand out to me, can you tell us a bit about the history behind those, how long would a piece like that take to create?

The Silos were definitely a stand out from my St George Trip - sunrise at the Silos was awesome. I’ve attached some info below on the location and artists involved in this epic project.

Driving along the Carnarvon Highway, you simply can't miss the vibrant Thallon Silo Mural. Painted on Thallon's towering grain silos are icons of the district including the Moonie River, a beautiful sunset, a scarred tree recognising Thallon’s Indigenous community, pale-faced rosellas and a mob of sheep in celebration of the area’s agriculture. The design titled “The Watering Hole’ was developed by the Artists Joel Fergie (The Zookeeper) and Travis Vinson (Drapl) in consultation with the local community. The striking image takes inspiration from the works of three local photographers. Chantel Mcalister’s “First Light”, The Moonie River by Lila Brosnan and Gary Petrie’s (Pom’s) shot of two pale-faced rosellas. Camping is permitted alongside the murals.  @sqcountry

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Do you have big plans for summer travels and what would your ultimate Rhino-Rack summer get-up be?

Yes, I’ve got travels booked all year round. I reckon it would have to be the fishing rod holders that I can throw on the 79 Series or either of the racks I put my surfboards on to enjoy the beach. I also use the Batwing Awning to set up for picnics on the beach at places such as North Straddie.

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Why do you think it's so important for people to hit the open road?

It’s the best way to go! It beats jumping on a plane and going on tour buses. You're out on your own or with your family, in your own car and you can explore and camp wherever you want. It has to be the easiest way to stay healthy and it’s all part of the Australian Outback Experience.

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Where is one place that you cannot wait to visit once restrictions have been lifted?

I’m very keen to get back to WA! In Queensland we have been lucky that we can go anywhere in our own state. But Western Australia is definitely a place I want to get back to once I can drive over there again.

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