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World Rhino Day 2020

22 Sep 2020

In celebration of World Rhino Day on September 22, there’s no better time to put the spotlight on the South African Rhino which includes the Black and White Rhino - two of only five remaining rhinoceros species in the world. As our namesake, it goes without saying that Rhino-Rack are proud supporters of the South African Rhino and it’s important that we continue to ensure the survival of this beautiful species.

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Having been around for millions of years, it is disappointing that the White rhinos conservation status is ‘near threatened’ and the Black rhino is listed as ‘critically endangered’. Currently, most rhinos are protected in conservation reserves, as very few survive in open reserves and national parks. As for the current population of rhinos:

White Rhino: Less than 16,000
Black Rhino: More than 5,500

It’s no doubt that the rhino plays a crucial role in their ecosystem, being known as an umbrella or keystone species. As nature’s lawn mower, rhinos consume large amounts of vegetation, helping shape the African Landscape which benefits other animals while also keeping plant species at bay.

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One organisation that makes a significant contribution towards the conservation of rhinos is the Imire Rhino & Wildlife ConservationAlong with 1700 other animals, Imire currently house 11 rhinos on the 4500ha conservancy. The conservancy is dedicated to protecting wildlife with a focus on the protection and breeding of the critically endangered Black and White Rhinoceros, with the goal of releasing the animals back in to the wild. However, due to the high levels of poaching - the team are waiting on a safe area to be established in order for the rhinos to be released.

The organisation also upholds the belief that rural communities and conservation programmes can work harmoniously to ensure the protection of our natural heritage. Furthermore, Imire strives to build connections between tourism, conservation programmes and community areas through long-term, sustainable environmental management and positive community projects including feeding and literacy programs. 

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Richard Cropley at the Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservancy in Zimbabwe in 2018

Owner and founder of Rhino-Rack, Richard Cropley, flew across the globe back in 2018 to spend time at Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe. In the span of a week, Richard slept under the stars, walked with the mighty rhinos and studied military style drills to help protect them from poachers. Seeing their gentle nature, yet decreasing population, spurred Richard to initiate a plan to save the harrowingly endangered species.

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September 22 is a day to help raise awareness of the majestic beasts’ plight. A range of events are held to celebrate, ranging from anti-poaching benefits to concerts. To celebrate the day, Rhino-Rack have pledged $5000 to Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation. If you would like to join Rhino-Rack in participating in World Rhino Day, you can start by watching a documentary about rhinos or donate to charities that support rhino conservation. 

Thanks to the effort of conservationists, activists and supporters around the world, the population of rhinos are slowly rising. Despite the slow rates of reproduction, rhinos numbers in Imire are steady - where they have also reintroduced 11 rhinos into the wild. This however, is just the tip of the iceberg for Rhino-Rack who are committed to rhino conservation and will continue to spread awareness with the help of our partners.

More information and ways you can help

Information on Imire Rhino & Wildlife Convservation - https://www.imire.co.zw/

Donate to Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation - https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/imirerhino

More about World Rhino Day 2020 - https://www.worldrhinoday.org/ & https://www.facebook.com/WorldRhinoDay/ 


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