How to catch the big bream with Richard Somerton!

What does it take to be a professional fisherman? “A day job and a serious passion,” laughs Richard Somerton, 2016 Hobie Bream Australian Champion and Team Australia member at the Hobie Fishing Worlds presented by Rhino-Rack.

We caught up with Richard to ask the important questions like - how do we catch the big bream? And which Rhino-Rack products he’d recommend to Australian anglers.

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Rhino-Rack: What are your tips for catching the big bream?

Richard Somerton: Start light with all your gear from line to leader to lure. Each area where you find bream they will feed in a different way. As long as your versatile with your gear then you’ll really be able to zone in on what the fish are doing - which is the first step to catching the big ones.

Knowing your zone! You’d be surprised at the different species of bream you’ll find between Melbourne and Sydney for example. They are not the same and should be treated differently for the most success. You can find information about the different species and their behaviour online. Also, check out the Daiwa video series called The Next Level. Other professionals sharing tips there.

Lastly I recommend sourcing your own bait. This gives you a real connection to the land and water around where you’re fishing. It’s fun for the whole family when you get the kids pumping yabbies, this also saves you time for more fishing.

If you want more advice, then come to a bream fishing event and talk to myself or one of the many competitors. The Australian Bream fishing community are a welcoming bunch so ask away and prepare for the tips find your nearest events here.

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Rhino-Rack: How do you find the Rhino-Rack range of products for fishing and kayak fishing particularly?

Richard Somerton: Fishing - there are a few places where it’s difficult to get trailers in if you’re towing gear. I find the Rhino-Rack T-Load makes it effortless for me to pack a kayak for a high-speed run. That and the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform with the Pioneer Wrap Pads distributes the weight of the kayak for the securest set up without dinging the Kayak. The best combo, in my books is having the Rhino-Rack Conduit Holder Brackets, Conduit Clamp Set, and Lockable End Caps (to storing fishing rods) on one side of the Pioneer with the Sunseeker Awning on the other side for comfort in all weather conditions.

Rhino-Rack on Richards 4x4 

Adventure Missions: Fast and light is the way I travel. Whether I’m fly fishing in the highlands or hunting in the bush I need my camping and car accessories to match me in speed of set-up and take down. On inland adventures, I rely on the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform with Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Awning fitted to my Nissan Navara 550. I’ve been camping out below the Sunseeker in a swag and been comfortable. The awning keeps the frost off when the temperature drops. I’m about to invest in some of the Rhino-Rack Side Walls for the awning for an even more secure and rapid set up.

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Rhino-Rack: Lastly Richard we all want to know what the best thing about being a professional fisherman is?

Richard Somerton: The best part is the same for as it is for everyone; it’s the never-ending lesson that is fishing. My wife says I bounce out of bed when it’s for a fishing trip but when it’s work I have to drag myself out (Richard says laughing). Other than that the best part is the travel! Being able to fish in some of the places I have and making friends around the world in this community is the best!

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