Customer Adventure Series: Through the Kimberley's and Arnhem Land<\/h1>rhino-rack, customer adventure series, australia, map
Ben Hathaway is a fisherman and explorer with experience tracing the coastline of Australia. As a professional photographer and fisherman he has managed to make his work also his play and that has taken him on the round Oz fishing trip of a lifetime squeezed into just 4 months. Here he tells us about the leg from Broome through the Kimberley’s to Darwin and into Arnhem Land. We learn that when it comes to Australian adventure it is the preparation before departure, the quality equipment you transport and the local knowledge you can access that sets a great trip apart from a hazardous one. <\/strong>

(All Images and Video by Ben Hathaway - Check out his Instagram @fisheyetrips<\/a>)

Where<\/strong>: Broome through the Kimberley’s to Darwin then into Arnhem Land
When<\/strong>: April and May 2014

Rhino-Rack Products<\/strong>:
Sunseeker II Awning<\/a>
Conduit Clamps X2<\/a>
Shovel Holder Bracket<\/a>

Rhino-Rack:<\/strong> What was the inspiration for this trip? And who did you travel with?

Ben Hathaway:<\/strong> It was my mate Crossy and I. The route was designed as a big fishing trip. We wanted to see (and fish) the whole coastline of Australia.

Rhino-Rack:<\/strong> How did you prepare for this trip? What are important steps to take?

Ben Hathaway:<\/strong> We brought heaps and heaps of fishing gear. It took us 6-8 months to properly prepare the gear. We had between 16 and 18 fishing rods and trying top figure out where to store that was the hardest part. The two conduits we added fit most of that though and no you don’t want to know how much that cost.