Australian Super Corporate Triathlon 2015

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Usually the thought of competing in a triathlon would incite feelings of fear, impending pain and great amounts of stress as you regret that extra servings of ice cream.

The Australian Super Corporate Triathlon Series 2015 replaces those emotions with fun, joy and laughter in the same way that key partnering charity Starlight Children’s Foundation brightens the lives of sick kids and their families.

Rhino-Rack employees couldn’t think of a better reason than the well-being of Australian children and teenagers to put their body through a 300m swim, 8km bike ride and 3km run. 

Sunday the 12th of April dawned with a chill in the air. The Australian Super Corporate Triathlon Series brought together an assortment of companies from insurance to retail and construction with over 2000 competitors. The team members lined up for the first swimming leg. Right in front of us the clouds parted revealing the warmth of the sun. An audible sigh escaped competitors and crowd alike as the iconic sight of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge were lit up.

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The race was on before anyone could think about the cold water. For the next forty-five minutes (or thirty if you were leading the pack) the race took over all instincts. Team Rhino-Rack heads were down and focused. The iconic views of Sydney on display this clear morning were merely blurred backdrops to the heels, wheels and shoes of the person racing in front.

Rhino-Rack offered up nine of our most competitive and fun loving employee-athletes to fill out three teams. We had executives and factory workers on the line together. We had some first timers who, in preparation, swapped cars for bikes on their daily commute to work.

Rhino-Rack has been involved with the Australian Super Corporate Triathlon Series since 2013. Each year we improve in time and the number of employees participating. The Corporate Triathlon isn’t concerned with fierce rivalry and none in the Rhino-Rack team know that better than unofficial captain and Australian Super Triathlon Veteran, Dion Lane.

“It’s about camaraderie more than competition. I think we’d always win if our race times reflected that.” Dion said.

As the triathlete finishes the last leg of the course they pass an ankle strapped stopwatch to the next athlete and they dive in. Three people per team relay until each has completed the course. The times are tallied together and the result is determined.

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All three Rhino-Rack teams were competitive in the triathlon but where we really shone was in the post Race Fashion awards.

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"Shout-out to Lisa Winlaw who designed our kits which won third overall. It was a surprise we placed at all, the winners were decided by crowd cheering on the catwalk and our boys  barely had energy for a wave after the triathlon.” Rhino-Rack triathlete, Andrew Nguyen said.

As the aching muscles relaxed and the glory of third place in the fashion awards faded it is the strengthening of work relationships and a combined will to improve the well-being of Australian children that will bring team Rhino-Rack back to the Australian Super Corporate Triathlon next year.