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New Products

All prices are listed in USD & exclude freight & fitting charges
  1. Pioneer Eye Bolt Kit (4)


    New The Pioneer 4 Eye Bolt kit is designed to aid carrying heavy loads on your Rhino-Rack Pioneer System.

    $65.00 MSRP Add to Cart
  2. Cam Buckle Pioneer Pickup Kit


    New The Cam Buckle Pioneer Pickup Kit allows you to strap down items to your Pioneer system very quickly and easily.

    $99.00 MSRP Add to Cart
  3. Pioneer LED Light Bracket (2 Pack)


    New Attach your LED Light directly to a Pioneer Tray, Platform or Elevation with our specifically designed brackets.

    $45.00 MSRP Add to Cart
  4. Rhino-Rack Shovel


    New The Rhino-Rack square mouth shovel with a Stainless Steel 304 Blade is made for all weather conditions. It is corro...

    $99.00 MSRP Add to Cart
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