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View the large range of accessories that will fit onto our awning range including tents and shade extensions.

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  1. Sunseeker Awning Angled Up Bracket for Flush Bars

    32123 Most Popular Product

    Sunseeker Angled Up Awning Bracket designed to fit Rhino-Rack flush bar systems like RSP, SG, 2500 RS.

    $102.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  2. Sunseeker Double Zipper

    32116 Most Popular Product

    This double zipper fits the 2.5m Sunseeker and Dome 1300 Awning allowing an Awning Fly Extension (#32117) to be ins...

    $34.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  3. Batwing/Sunseeker 2.5m Awning Extension

    31101 Most Popular Product

    Extend the shade coverage of your Sunseeker or Batwing awning out by a further 2m / 8ft.

    $181.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  4. Sunseeker Extension Adapter

    32106 Most Popular Product

    A heavy duty zipper that fits the Sunseeker 2.5 Awning and lets you attach the Awning Extension accessory (31101).

    $34.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  5. Sunseeker Bracket Kit (Jeep Wrangler 4dr Right Hand Side)

    32121 Most Popular Product

    This Sunseeker Awning bracket kit will fit your 4dr Jeep Wrangler on the right hand side.

    $96.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  6. Sand Screw

    31113 Most Popular Product

    Don't let your tent or awning get blown away in the wind.

    $52.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
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