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View our range of water accessories including holders to easily transport your paddles.

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  1. Kayak/Ski Bow Strap Bonnet Tie Down

    RBAS1 Most Popular Product

    A tie down strap with an anchor point that wraps around and protects cargo without a front/rear tie off point.

    $31.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  2. Wall Hanger Small

    RWHS Most Popular Product

    The Small Wall Hanger holds 80kg / 176lb and allows you to mount your large cargo securely to the wall.

    $76.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  3. Bonnet Anchor Strap

    RBAS Most Popular Product

    Designed to be quick and easy to attach, the Bonnet Anchor Strap provides an anchor point for long loads when no ot...

    $16.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  4. Folding J Style Kayak Carrier Extension

    S512X Most Popular Product

    Need to carry more than one kayak or canoe next time you go paddling? Look no further.

    $116.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  5. Vortex Wrap Pads (380mm)

    RWP01 Most Popular Product

    Rhino-Rack's foam Wrap Pads are the perfect accessory to wrap around your Vortex bars for the extra protection requ...

    $42.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
  6. Paddleboard Tie Down Straps

    RBAS2 Most Popular Product

    The RBAS2 is tie down strap with an anchor strap designed to wrap around the nose/tail of a stand up paddleboard.

    $31.00 MSRP Compare Add to Cart
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